Meet the Team

Borne from the experiences of being incarcerated K. Project Freedom was founded by Kalena Rodriguez and co-founder Patricio Duran who decided to be the change they want to see.


KALENA N. RODIGUEZ: Kalena found K. Project Freedom in December 2018.

After being released from prison and the halfway house having served a total of 5 years incarcerated. Working with other ex-offenders, she has been going back to speak in the prisons and putting in action what she believes her purpose is in life -helping others.


PATRICIO DURAN: Patricio co-founded K. Project Freedom with Kalena in December 2018.

I am Mountain Boy through and through. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado. Never thought I would serve 18 years in prison was an option. Dreaming big while inside and going against the grain. I never accepted that I would do any thing more than half my 48 year sentence. I didn’t care how much you had seen and how long you had been locked up, that wasn’t happening!

I was not an addict or a career criminal. In prison I did not fit into much of any thing other than just being completely angry. Being driven by my anger in a positive way got me far and changed into the person I am today.

Being helped by Kalena at the time of my release helped me tremendously -you could say I was the first client of K. Project Freedom. I had tons of family support and have a very strong and independent family who I love very much, but being inside and depending on them for close to two decades, I needed more help.

Kalena’s kind heart helped and now we have teamed up to do that for others that have been in our situation.

We are not alone!

K. Project Freedom

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